Our Environmental and Quality Principles

Our Customers
A high level of quality and environmental conservation means that the customer can also trust us in the future, as they are especially satisfied with our products, our services and our processes. We consistently involve our customers throughout the entire product development process. Our customers also have a say in defining standards for quality and the environment, as long as these do not run contrary to our business principles or economic interests.

Our Employees
A high level of quality and environmental conservation is made possible and realised first and foremost by people, as, despite the most modern of machines and processes, the human is and continues to be the decisive factor in every company.
Our employees need to be satisfied and feel at ease, so that they can think and act in terms of our quality and environmental goals every day, in order to achieve our set Goals.

Our Management
Quality management and environmental conservation is a matter for management, as it is only when guidelines are clearly defined, communicated and constantly demonstrated on a managerial level that we can reach our goals anew each day. The realisation of demands and the achievement of goals is the task of all employees.

Our Suppliers
A high level of quality and environmental conservation doesn’t just start with us. It’s a constant process which can only achieve true success when all parties involved work together – from the customers to the suppliers. Fostering and expanding communication with our suppliers, as well as a more intensive, regulated exchange of information is thus a key prerequisite in the achievement of our Goals.

Our Products and Services
We want to compete in the market with our products and services by implementing the latest in technology, and by further developing it, in order to master the challenges of today and tomorrow, as well as to ensure the continued loyalty of our customers. In doing so, the high quality of our products and services, as well as the strict implementation of environmental protection regulations, play an important role.

The process-oriented approach within the organisation of the company and the application of the PDCA cycle both serve to help us when it comes to achieving our goals.
The limited use of raw materials and energy, quick throughput times, little downtime as well as low reworking / scrappage and the avoidance of waste materials and emissions.
The results of our processes are monitored, evaluated, and from this we determine and implement measures with which to improve them.

Constant Improvement
New life and movement must constantly be breathed into quality management and environmental conservation, because it is only through constantly striving for improvement that we, our company, and our services can continue to develop and adapt to changing demands. In doing so, numbers, data and facts, as well as risk-based thinking, provide the basis for our decisions.

We are a responsible part of society and hold ourselves to the obligatory requirements placed on us by our customers and by legislative bodies when making decisions and carrying out activities.

Quality and environmental conservation go hand in hand as, without environmentally-conscious economic activity, every aspect of quality loses its worth. We see ourselves as part of society and as part of the environment, and it is this understanding which lends itself to the challenge of making a contribution to the preservation of our natural livelihood and to the Environment.